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If you are moderately to severely obese with obesity-related health problems such as high blood pressure, sleep apnea, heart disease, infertility, arthritis, and/or type 2 diabetes, but have been unable to achieve significant weight loss on your own through diet and exercise, you are not alone. Unfortunately, obesity often causes metabolic changes that make your body fight back against most weight loss regimes. If you have unsuccessfully struggled to lose even a few pounds without putting it right back on the next week, weight loss surgery with a gastric band may be the most effective way to jump start your weight loss and “trick” your body into finally letting go of that excess weight.

Also known as laparoscopic adjustable gastric band (LAGB), gastric band surgery involves the insertion of an adjustable band around the top of the stomach, allowing you and your weight loss team to restrict your food intake by regularly adjusting the size of your stomach. In other words, gastric banding allows you to regain control over your appetite and your food intake in a way that may be otherwise impossible, giving you the strength and self-confidence to achieve real weight loss. Gastric band surgery is an excellent option for individuals who need to lose a significant amount of weight and are ready to commit to long-term dietary changes and altered eating and exercise habits. It is the safest, least invasive form of bariatric surgery and does not involve permanent changes to the size or shape of your stomach. However, weight loss tends to be more gradual with the gastric band than with more aggressive metabolic surgery options, and it will take longer to achieve ideal weight loss.

The gastric band requires a significant commitment to long-term lifestyle changes to make your weight loss efforts a success. Before making the decision to undergo gastric banding, it is important to select a surgical practice that will help you understand the benefits offered by the gastric band, as well as the risks it entails, and that will offer a network of support dedicated to helping you through your entire weight loss journey. At The Center for Metabolic and Obesity Surgery in Altamonte Springs, Florida, Dr. Wiljon Beltre, Board Certified lead surgeon, understands that gastric banding is only the first step in your journey. He prides himself on offering each patient a powerful combination of cutting edge surgical techniques, a holistic and comprehensive approach to weight loss, and a dedicated team of weight loss experts to help and support you at each step of your journey to achieve your ideal weight.


Gastric banding usually requires only a short hospital stay of 24-48 hours and 1-2 days of additional recovery time before resumption of normal activities. During the procedure, the surgeon will make 4-5 small incisions in the upper abdomen to allow the insertion of a video camera and small surgical instruments; performing this procedure via a laparoscopic, or live video feed in the operating room, greatly improves its safety, minimizing discomfort, downtime, and risk of post-operative complications. To install the band itself, the surgeon will make a small tunnel behind the stomach, then lock an adjustable silicone band around the top of the stomach, dividing it into two parts with a narrow opening between them. The surgeon will then connect a small tube from the band to an injection port placed directly underneath the skin on the abdomen; this mechanism enables the band to be adjusted periodically without additional surgery. As with all surgical procedures, gastric banding does entail some level of risk that you must review with your surgical team before the procedure; however, this form of bariatric surgery does not involve permanent surgical changes to the size or shape of the stomach or intestines, nor does it change how the body processes food.

Once you are fully healed from the operation, the surgeon will use the injection port and tube to safely and comfortably insert sterile saline into the band, adjusting its tightness around the top of the stomach and regulating how much food you can ingest at one time. Starting approximately 4-6 weeks after the initial surgery and continuing at regular intervals, your surgeon will make precise adjustments to calibrate the band to match your exact metabolism and weight loss goals. Frequent band adjustments for the first 12-18 months, coupled with a strict adherence to dietary and eating habit changes, are critical to ensuring that you achieve the weight loss you want, as well as reducing the impact of obesity-related health concerns and improving your quality of life!


At The Center for Metabolic and Obesity Surgery, located in Altamonte Springs, Florida, we offer a proven, multifaceted approach to metabolic and bariatric surgery that will empower you to achieve your weight loss goals, improve your health and appearance, and rebuild your self-confidence. Led by esteemed, Board Certified surgeon Dr. Wiljon Beltre, one of the only fellowship-trained bariatric surgeons in Central Florida, we specialize in the latest cutting-edge procedures for safe, effective surgical weight loss coupled with a dedicated support team of caring, experienced specialists who will stand by your side to support you throughout your entire weight loss journey. Significant weight loss is not easy, but with the help of with our confidential consultation and education process, the surgical skill and experience of our medical team, and the advice and guidance of our ongoing support network, we can help you achieve the lasting weight loss success you have been dreaming about.

If you are tired of the endless rounds of fad dieting and fruitless exercise regimens and think you may be ready for significant weight loss with gastric band surgery, or if you would like more information on all of the metabolic and weight loss surgery options at The Center for Metabolic and Obesity Surgery, contact us today for a free, individual consultation. We look forward to helping you start your weight loss journey today!  Call 407-830-6868 or Click Here to Schedule a Consultation.


DISCLAIMER: Metabolic surgery involves a lifetime commitment to significant lifestyle changes, and is not for everyone.  Individual results differ depending on each patient’s medical history and willingness and ability to adhere to the weight loss program specified by Dr. Beltre.  As with all surgical procedures, all forms of metabolic surgery carry the risk of complications and side effects; additional details about potential complications, side effects, and other risks will be provided to you by Dr. Beltre during your pre-surgical consultations.

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