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If you are severely obese with a BMI over 40, or you have a BMI of 35 and suffer from obesity-related health problems such as type 2 diabetes, you probably already know that you are unlikely to able to change your weight through diet and exercise alone. Unfortunately, less than 5% of people who are considered clinically obese will lose weight on their own. Until recently, the mechanisms that make losing weight so difficult were poorly understood, and the remaining 95% of obese people were written off as too “uncommitted” to diet or too “lazy” to exercise. We now know that this is simply not true. Increasingly, medical practitioners, the general public, and even insurance companies (!) are coming to realize what you probably already know: that losing significant amounts of weight requires medical advice, intervention, and long-term, dedicated support. And the important role that weight loss surgery can play in aggressive weight loss and rapid health improvement is becoming increasingly clear (and supported by numerous academic studies such as the May 2015 article in Annuals of Surgery titled Impact of Bariatric Surgery on Life Expectancy in Severely Obese Patients With Diabetes: A Decision Analysis.)

When performed by a skilled, experienced, Board Certified surgeon such as Dr. Wiljon Beltre at The Center for Metabolic and Obesity Surgery in Altamonte, Florida, and followed up with assistance from a dedicated team of weight loss professionals and an extensive support network, weight loss surgery—defined as bariatric surgery like the gastric band, and metabolic surgeries such as gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, and biliopancreatic diversion (with or without duodenal switch BPD and BPD/DS)—offers a medically valid treatment for obesity and many related health problems safely and effectively. Some of the benefits offered by metabolic and bariatric surgery include:

  • Hunger control: Dieting is difficult and almost always ineffective in the long term because it is nearly impossible to control eating when you are hungry. Weight loss surgery enables you to feel full after eating much less, so you won’t feel hungry even though your diet is restricted!
  • Increases your metabolism: Metabolic surgeries (gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy, and BPD/DS) increase your body’s metabolism, enabling it to burn energy more efficiently. You are effectively putting your body to work for you, by more efficiently burning more calories!
  • Rapid resolution of obesity-related health problems: Many patients who undergo metabolic surgery find that obesity-related health problems such as sleep apnea, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and especially type 2 diabetes improve drastically and quickly, sometimes well in advance of significant weight loss, quickly helping you look and feel better than ever before!

As medical science continues to better understand obesity, the changes it brings about in the body, and the ways in which metabolic and bariatric surgeries counter the effects of obesity, it is becoming increasingly clear that these procedures should, for many severely overweight individuals, play a critical role in addressing obesity and its health-related problems. If you believe you may be a candidate for weight loss surgery, or are interested in learning more, we invite you to explore the following topics:

Dr. Beltre and his team of weight loss experts believe that education and knowledge are the best tools in your arsenal: the more you know about obesity, the problems it can cause, and the different medical approaches to achieving significant, long-term weight loss, the better able you will be to make smart, well-informed decisions about your own health, and the more capable you will be of taking back control of your health, your weight, and your life. It is our goal to provide you with any and all information you require, as well as address all your questions and concerns, in order to help you make the best possible choice for you.

Once you have explored these and other informational topics on this website, we encourage you to contact us directly, either by attending one of our information seminars (online or in person) or by requesting a free, personalized, confidential informational consultation with Dr. Beltre. We look forward to hearing from you today!


At The Center for Metabolic and Obesity Surgery, located in Altamonte Springs, Florida, we offer a proven, multifaceted approach to metabolic and bariatric surgery that will empower you to achieve your weight loss goals, improve your health and appearance, and rebuild your self-confidence. Led by esteemed, Board Certified surgeon Dr. Wiljon Beltre, one of the only fellowship-trained bariatric surgeons in Central Florida, we specialize in the latest cutting-edge procedures for safe, effective surgical weight loss coupled with a dedicated support team of caring, experienced specialists who will stand by your side to support you throughout your entire weight loss journey. Significant weight loss is not easy, but with the help of with our confidential consultation and education process, the surgical skill and experience of our medical team, and the advice and guidance of our ongoing support network, we can help you achieve the lasting weight loss success you have been dreaming about.

If you are tired of the endless rounds of fad dieting and fruitless exercise regimens and think you may be ready for significant weight loss with metabolic or bariatric surgery, or if you would like more information on all of the weight loss surgery options at The Center for Metabolic and Obesity Surgery, contact us today for a free, individual consultation. We look forward to helping you start your weight loss journey today!  Call 407-830-6868 or Click Here to Schedule a Consultation.


DISCLAIMER: Metabolic surgery involves a lifetime commitment to significant lifestyle changes, and is not for everyone.  Individual results vary depending on each patient’s medical history and willingness and ability to adhere to the weight loss program specified by Dr. Beltre.  As with all surgical procedures, all forms of metabolic surgery carry the risk of complications and side effects; additional details about potential complications, side effects, and other risks will be provided to you by Dr. Beltre during your pre-surgical consultations.

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